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Ques:- Will Utillix work on my device?

Ans:- Utillix works on multiple platforms. It is available for Android, IOS devices & you can use web application through any browser like Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Ques:- Does Utillix gives functionality to upload images on geo position?

Ans:- Yes, you can upload images as well as videos at the geo location either directly using camera of device or from gallery.

Ques:- For which type of underground utility, Utillix is meant for?

Ans:- Utillix is capable for almost all type of underground utilities including water, gas, power, communication, recycled water, sewer line & storm water.

Ques:- How to differentiate between different types of utilities?

Ans:- Utillix uses a standard colour coded scheme that is used by the industry. Blue for water, yellow for gas, red for power, white for communication & black for sewer line.

Ques:- Who can register from Utillix?

Ans:- Utillix is made for both end users and as well as for underground utility companies.

Ques:- Do we require GPS in our mobile devices?

Ans:- Yes, you will require GPS and internet connectivity. GPS helps to locate accurate location, which gives approximate information of utilities.

Ques:- Does Utillix provide training support?

Ans:- Utillix interface is so simple that a naive user can also use it easily, and we provide complete support so that you get ease with it.

Ans:- Can I search Utilities that I have marked on map?

Ans:- Yes, there is a search bar from which you can search utilities by many ways, including by name, by type of utility and GPS coordinates.

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